Welcome To Ali's Pizzeria

Thanks for choosing Ali's Pizzeria! You're about to have the pizza night of your life, so hang on tight! There simply isn't a better selection of Italian specialty pizzas anywhere in Joondanna. We've got all your favourites like Margharita, Napoletana, Pepperoni, and Specialty pizzas, but we also have so much more. Try our Amici with artichokes, the Chicken Avocado with sundries tomatoes, or the Pizza Works for a little of everything.

We're easy to find on Wanneroo Road, and we'd love to see you drop in for a meal or take one away with you. And don't forget about our awesome delivery. You can order right from your computer and have your specialty pizza steaming hot on your kitchen counter in no time. So make it a pizza night to remember; make it Ali's Pizzeria tonight!

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